Quick Update!

I had a revelation during my travels and this is greatly going to influence how my blog is run.

While I’ve been traveling, I have realized that my experiences have been defined not by what it was that I was doing, but who I was doing it with.

There are a lot of interesting characters in this world and these are the portals that open up compassion and reflect the inner workings of our “Self.” While sitting at the table having dinner with a group of lively, spirited and beautiful people, I realized “Who (really) cares about the daily labor that I’m doing during my time on the road?”

What really matters is how you treat the people you interact with. After all, the universe is ineffably large and unbelievably random. It’s an absolute miracle that of all the countless beings you could have met, you’ve ended up with the people you’re in contact with. So, without further ado:

How to read this blog:

Location Posts: These will describe where I am, my living arrangements, major lessons learned, work accomplished and other relevant details to my stay at that location.

Characters: These are the people I’ve met, defined by their major characteristics.

Day Posts: Currently, I plan on updating the blog a single day at a time, starting with a one week delay, so if I can update it regularly, as I plan, the posts should stay a week behind what I’m actually doing.

I hope you enjoy this format, and stay tuned for more updates! 


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