WWOOF Day 5: The Basics

In addition to Ronald, I met an equally as animated character yesterday: Randy. I had called him on my third day there to confirm my WWOOFing position and arrangements. He stopped by in the early afternoon from his farm with a truck loaded with produce. Randy was accompanied by his son Sespe who helped him pick the produce in preparation for the Saturday market.


Height: 6’0
Age: 60s

Randy was like areal life cartoon character, with Einstein-esque hair and a bulbous belly under a red Hawaiian shirt. He had a huge Cheshire Cat smile and spoke abruptly between laughing with his entire face. On a few occasions, he would interrupt his own sentences with a random exclamation and subsequently never finish it.


Height: 5’8
Age: 22

Sespe was kind and quiet with a tight, closed lip smile. He was tan and had thick brown dreads that lay on his shoulders under a brown leather fedora. He was a musician and looked like it, with long fingers and a thin frame. He didn’t speak much in group conversations, but he was vocal during the one on one he had with Kevin.

They stayed and chatted for a bit. Kevin talked about my industriousness to Randy and I couldn’t respond with anything but a smile. They dropped off some free produce for the farm before taking off and the tomatoes and corn that they left were used in the preparation of the taco night we had. Kevin was worried about how to stretch the food out before, but it seems like things have a way of working themselves out.

On that note, I spent the day working with Nipa, laying bricks to make planters and leveling them out with soil and mulch. These were the basics to my first introduction to gardening.


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