WWOOF Day 8: Pathways

I spent a lot of the day on the sole task of carting wood chips around to rehabilitate the paths around the ranch. In the morning, Dave and his son came in to the lounge and completely shattered the silence of the room. His son, five years old, had a blonde bowl cut hairstyle and pale skin. I acknowledged him, but he payed me no mind at all. While frightfully shy around strangers, he will not stop talking to people he knows. When he entered the room, I began overhearing dozens of questions starting with his emphasized pronunciation of “dah-dah.” Dave, on the other hand, said almost nothing to his child, but greeted me cordially.

Height: 5’10
Age: 30s

He is sturdy looking with a brown wavy ponytail and a full beard. He wore a baseball cap, t-shirt, and cargo shorts with sandals. He displays an extreme amount of patience and speaks in a soft and precise tone. He doesn’t seem to say anything more than what needs to be said.

Main quality: Patience

I had met Dave on the day of my arrival, but had little interaction with him as he left to play with his band at Burning Man soon after. He was back now and entertaining his kids as they came for a short visit. He had this “I’m sorry for my son” vibe about him as he prepared their breakfast.

Kevin later reintroduced me to them outside of Dave’s trailer. His youngest son hid behind the front wheel of the bicycle Dave was holding up to move. He knew I could still see him and he smiled at me.

Later in the day, I decided to ask Kevin about his opinion on Nichiren. He said chanting wasn’t his thing, but he could see how it could help people focus. It appeared as a form of “grasping” instead of “letting go” to him, but if it works for others, good. I agreed. It seems to me like the Mormonism of Buddhism.

I finished my second book on meditating so now my days have become more devoted to balancing the field work of learning and the studying of Permaculture through books.


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