Location: Solitary Confinement

Hot and dry, located off a gravel road and pincered by a horse ranch and vineyard, Solitary is composed of two acres of organic row crops. The crops are separated in to four different plots, each on rotation and there is an elaborate irrigation system snaking through the fields. There’s a packing station on the back of a flatbed to the west and a one room barn house attached to a shed to the east.



The barn house has faded blue walls lined with dirt and accessorized by cobwebs. One of the walls has a kitchen counter and gas stove with a shower around the corner, one wall has a window and table, the other leads to a hallway and the last one has a bed.

In the center of the room, there is a rust wood burning stove. A single light bulb hangs far above the bed for nighttime reading and a lonely lamp perches on the table, watching its reflection in the window.