WWOOF Day 9: Silence

Kevin and Nipa took off to visit family last night, so I was left with instructions on the work to be performed. I awoke from a series of weird dreams, mostly about different cosmic phenomenon.

I had what felt like a revelation, that “letting go” in Zen is the same as a black hole. Moments happen, are experienced, and then are gone with no emotional residue or trace. A pure, neutral experience, elusive and potentially transcendental.

I worked in peaceful silence today, doing my best to be present, but not fixated in my work. I made a set of stairs out of railroad ties, built a new planter and finished the trail project. When they returned from their overnight stay Nipa said jokingly (but not really) while wagging her finger: “You better have finished my tasks!” She was pleased when I told her I had done them first.

I showed Kevin the stairs, asking if it was what he wanted and the way he said “Yes Bryan, you did a good job,” made me feel as if I was fishing for approval. It was a self conscious feeling that also passed.

That evening, Kevin shared with me his recipe for the beans he made on taco night. I made sure to write it down. He instructed me to use the recipe to share the love. I shall!


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