WWOOF Day 12: Engage

I spent the day alone today. I slept in late after staying up watching YouTube until the early morning.

I decided that I am interested in distance freestyle long boarding and eventually want to do a long distance trip on a long board. This lead me to falling in way over my head in to the world of “board dancing,” or maneuvering rhythmically on a long board and saving videos on how to do emergency speed checks. I was also up pretty late since it is freezing cold at night and I decided not to using my sleeping bag, which was a complete mistake.

When I did wake up, I felt restless about being alone until I realized the serenity of it. There was nothing to distract me from all of the learning I wanted to do. I took care of my daily farm duties, but I had lost the pen that Randy gave me to fill out the water log and I was suffering without it. I couldn’t take notes in my studies, practice Japanese or properly chronicle my farm work without it. After a few hours of aimless brainstorming, I realized that I should put all my talk about “engaging with others” in to action and rode the farm bike uphill to the neighbor’s house.

The neighbor’s name was Quinn and he looked like a dad. He had short black hair and a goatee, with a stocky farmer’s build and a dead center gaze. He was a straight shooter too with a blue collar sense of humor. The conversation went something like this:

Me: [something to the gist of] “I’m a woofer staying at Randy Wade’s farm next door…”

Quinn: “WWOOFer?”

Me: “Yes, I’m taking care of Randy’ s place while he’s at his main property in Santa Barbara.”

Quinn: “What is that? Your name?”

Me: “No. [Laughs] Willing Worker on Organic Farms—”

Quinn: “So what’s up?”

I was ready to provide the full explanation of my tribulations without a pen, but decided to get straight to the point and tell him I lost my only pen. He responded by asking me if I would like a few and if I knew how to use a pencil, which made me smile. I rode back down the hill and a moment later was back at the farm house. It was a rather small exchange, but it was nice to have had some human interaction.